Our first blog post!

Hello!  Welcome to our site! We have just launched our new company and are very excited about it. 

The idea came about 2 years ago so we are very pleased that we have arrived at the actual launch day today! 

We are a family company and we want our customers to get to know us...what better way to do this than through a blog? 

The name 'Always Spring Clean' came about because we thought...who doesnt love Spring and having a good old clean?  We intend for your clean to always feel like a Spring clean - a clean house is like a 'breath of fresh air' isn't it! 

We hope you like the photo shoot pictures that are on the the site - my lovely son and his partner modelled the uniform for us to enable us to post pictures so you can see what our staff will look like - it was fun! 

Drawing on our experience in teaching and managing people, we have put together a program for both our customers and employess that guarantees to give 100% satisfaction.  

So here goes.  Day 1...the first day of Spring.  

Nice to meet you.