One year old and growing up fast!


Sorry to not have been around for a has been rather hectic!  For those of you that don't know, I am also an English Teacher and the GCSE time is almost upon us, so it has been a busy time supporting students that are coming up to their exams in May and June this year.  Almost there! 

There have been lots of funny things happening over the recent months that really make Gary and I chuckle, which is good, as we have been having a tough time lately (although the business is establishing itself very well, just general life really!).  We are thinking of writing a book as some of things that happen are priceless!  Just the day to day routine of running a cleaning company and the UPS and DOWNS of what it is like...sometimes you feel like crying...sometimes you feel ecstatic...but always it is interesting!

As we celebrate turning one year old, we are preparing to throw a garden party for our lovely staff, who work so very hard each day delivering the high standards of clean that we have built the company on.  The food is ordered, the cake is in the planning stage and we are hoping for a sunny afternoon to party in the garden in June.  So many exciting things have happened this year along with some frustrations; it has been a sharp learning curve for us and we are determined to let our hair down and have a great afternoon with all our staff.  

This summer sees Gary retiring from teaching and joining me full time in running the business, which I am really looking forward to; we have always worked together as a team and I have missed not having him by my side on a daily basis these last few months due to him still teaching full time.  

We have had some lovely testimonial forms returned, which I have updated onto our website, so please have a read through and see what our customers think of our company - there are more to come in, so the pages will be updated as soon as I receive them. Also, we are in the process of putting up our May offer on the website, in celebration of our 1st birthday, so please keep an eye on our 'Special Offers' page.  So until next time...

Bye for now,