How the weeks fly by!

Dear all,

I can't believe it has been two weeks since I last wrote a blog...time is flying by!  The days seem to merge into each other and yes, I am still suffering from the headless chicken syndrome mentioned 2 weeks ago! 

Always Spring Clean Ltd. is doing really well...our customer base is expanding quickly and we now have 8 cleaners, soon to be 10.  Every 3 weeks we are having to interview and take on new staff, to keep up with the demand, which is wonderful.  

We have recently started receiving completed forms from our landing page which is also bringing in new customers (although sometimes one slips through the net that is too far Watford Gap!) 

These last few weeks have been a sharp learning curve for us...we are now refining our equipment and incorporating extra gadgets to help the ladies go even faster! 

It's all good. See you in a week's time for another update.  Enjoy this fantastic weather we are having! 

Bye for now,