Ho Ho Ho!

Well hello again!  

It has been a while hasnt it? I thought, when I gave up teaching, that my life would be calmer and I would have more time for blogging, but life flies past at great speed...I am always surprised when Friday comes around so quickly! 

A lot has happened, since I last wrote on here.  We now have 14 lovely cleaning staff who beaver away all week doing an excellent job for our customers.  If you have a look on our website, there are a few pictures of our staff meal in August (yes, I know that was a while ago now!) so you can see what a lovely bunch of staff we have working for Always Spring Clean Ltd., not everyone was able to make it to the meal, but they were there in spirit.

We are looking forward to our Christmas Party on 9th December, where we can all let our hair down and dance the night away.  The Kings Oak Hotel, High Beech, is our venue for our 'Glitz and Glamour' evening - the camera will be out, to catch those delightful pics that make you groan inwardly afterwards! I am sure it will be a fabulous night.

Today I have updated our 'Special Offers' page.  As we roll towards Christmas, if you are thinking of giving us a try, then now is a good time to do it - check it out and see why. 

Hope to be back soon!