Hey ho!

Hello again!  It's that time of the week, when I fill you in on events so far.  

It has been rather hectic as hubby and I spent a few days in London (yes I know...not the greatest planning was it) Seeing Paul Heaton and Jacqui Abbott (I never know how to spell that name) was amazing...their voices are magnificent - it didn't stop me answering the phone though to our lovely customers out there, but I did have to keep asking them to repeat what they were saying, so thank you for putting up with that lovely people.  

The Lion King the following day was next on the menu and, if you havent been to see this show, I heartily recommend it!  Amazing, stupendous, breathtaking are just a few of the descriptive words to use - it was a very moving experience.  Very beautiful - I kept filling up!   After getting lost trying to find the tube station for South Kensington we finally arrived back home (I did miss a call from Employee Perks though...mental note to get back in touch with them).  Then back to reality.  

It was time for more leaflet drops (hubby and I find this quite therapeutic it seems...is that odd?) It was the turn of Stapleford Abbots and Abridge (well we didn't get very far in Abridge, back later in the week to finish that off)  So if you received one of our leaflets through your letterbox, make sure you do take full advantage of the April offer of 15%!  We also had our family helping us - Joel, Eniko, Elliot and Hannah.  Thank you all, it really is lovely making it a family affair and this time the feet didn't feel too bad either! 

This coming week, we would like to welcome on board four new staff members - Charlotte, Debbie, Naomi and Sebastian (Sebastian is our carpet cleaning man - yes, we know a man who can couldn't resist the joke...sorry!)  Welcome to our company we are so pleased to have you on board.  I am hoping to put some pictures up soon of our new members (as long as they are not too shy!) Watch this space...

So...another week starts and I can't wait!  Thanks for reading and have a great one.