Headless chicken syndrome...! :)

Hello again!  

Welcome back to our blog page this fine and sunny Sunday.  Well, what a hectic week.  I feel like a headless chicken (as they say in the North), but all is good.  

We had a fantastic job carried out this week on an end of tenancy house - it was particularly gruesome, but when we had finished it was all sparkly and clean.  The pictures are on our Facebook page, if you want to check it out; brace yourself...it's not pleasant!  The pictures of the carpets before and after will be up there shortly too - again, rather gruesome before they had the Always Spring Clean touch!

The ladies have been working their socks off, cleaning to our exceptionally high standards and the customers have been absolutely chuffed.  Well done ladies, you are amazing!  Real troupers. 

We are absolutely delighted that our leaflet and our presence on Google is catching peoples' eye and the phone calls/emails are flooding in.  We are recruiting more cleaners this week, due to the high demand, so bear with us if you are one of our new customers - we like to be thorough and bring the cleaners up to speed with our standards and products and then they can come and do an amazing job in your home too. 

See you next weekend for an update! Have a good one :)