Coming out the other side...

Hi everyone, 

These past 15 months have been strange, haven't they?

We finally feel that life is starting to return to a 'sort of' normal.  Our lovely cleaning staff are back hard at it now, after quite a few months on furlough pay (thankyou Rishi and Boris). 

I am sure everyone has been feeling the effects of this pandemic and are hoping that brighter days are ahead - we do feel for those of you that have lost loved ones through Covid, or other loss of life through illness.  It has been a particularly difficult time for families and their loved ones.  

Having moved up to the Lake District and having purchased a house that needed a lot of work, we were in a fortunate position of actually being able to get on with doing it up which kept us busy for all three lockdowns; this was a good place to be as it stopped us worrying and missing people too much - we are thankful for that.  Our two miniature schnauzers have kept us company during the long lonely weeks of lockdown - can't believe they are over 3 years old now! Plus, I took on an online tutoring position, teaching Chinese students in Shanghai, via ZOMO (our ZOOM) - that was quite an experience, I can tell you!

Getting back to business, we have recently had our contract renewed for another three years, with our school in Dagenham, because the staff there are amazing and do a fab job.  Thank you guys.  

We are now looking, once more, to open contracts up here in the North of England in schools.  We had begun this just before the pandemic broke, but were stopped in our tracks with the lockdowns and closures.  

So...the next few months are going to be busy and hopefully will bring in new contracts.  I look forward to updating you.

I wish you a safe and happy few weeks, until next update.

Lots of love,

Alison  x