Almost there...!

Well, good afternoon all! 

The time is approaching when I will hang up my teaching cap, to move into full time working with our lovely team of cleaning staff.  Two weeks to go - the deadline is 15th July...scary but exciting too! This will free me up to be able to call in on customers and check everything is good, as we like 100% customer satisfaction; a cleaner is a luxury and we appreciate it when you choose us for the job.  Thank you. 

We have just launched our July offer of a free tub of Leather Balm, supplied by the amazing Green Bear UK company.  This balm will amaze you - it smells wonderful and works like magic.  Yesterday, hubby and I spent time at a local church polishing up their pews, you can see the before and after pictures on our gallery page.  Smelt lovely when we left too.  It restores your leather furniture to its former glory too - all our new customers will receive one of these as a 'Hello' gift from us. 

I am hoping July will bring with it some summer sunshine...those legs dont get tanned on their own do they!  (I noticed how deathly pale mine looked yesterday, as I shivered in my shorts at our local pub!)  

Here's hoping!

Happy July, Alison.