A new page is turned...

Hi everyone!

What a fabulous summer this has been!

It started off with hanging up my teachng hat, after many years of secondary school English teaching,which was emotional but exhilerating! Then we found out we had secured a secondary school cleaning contract bid, from September 2016, which was also very exciting.  Our team went out and celebrated and had a splendid evening together, which was a pleasure and a privelidge for Gary and I - we have 11 staff at present, which will soon be rising to 14.

After a couple of weeks on holiday, we came back refreshed and raring to go.  We are in the process of swapping to a new database at present which should make life simpler for us admin wise, if I can master the logo spacing on the top of the invoice that is!

The schools are almost ready to return now; I am looking forward to working with our staff and customers even more closely and I will endevour to keep my blogs more up to date.. 

The future is exciting!

Bye for now,