A few little hick ups! 'hick'

Hi there again, 

I am a little late updating our blog this week...school's back, so time is now squeezed a little more! 

Last week went by in a whirl of activity...lots of leaflet drops and visiting of customers.  We have some lovely people for clients - for a while there, I thought I was up North (I am a Northern lass so I do apologise for being biased!).  

Sebastian, our carpet cleaning man, will be hard at it tomorrow doing an excellent job in Basildon and again in Ongar at the weekend. If your carpets are looking rather tired, why not phone us up for a quote and see if we can make your day? There is nothing like the look and smell of clean carpets in your home...

We welcome a couple more ladies into the team this week - Nikki and Carole.  They are in training at present and then they will be out and about making your homes sparkly and clean (don't forget the personalised home fragrance too...it really is like a breath of fresh air!) 

So...the weather is improving (not quite BBQ weather yet, but not far off!) and summer is fast approaching.  Life is good. 

See you next week and have a good one,